ReView is Teesside University’s lecture capture solution and a tool you should consider utilising through the transition to hybrid learning. It gives students access to lecture recordings and other video content that they can access in their own time.

We encourage you to use ReView to transform content that would normally be delivered face-to-face to share subject knowledge. It can be used for ‘personal capture’, such as monologues, walk throughs, short ‘did you know’ videos or quick responses to student questions. This can help to imitate the on-campus experience that a student would normally have.

Using ReView to create video content makes it a lot more accessible for students. The student simply needs to press play and the video will automatically stream based on the device the student is using. They don’t need specific software, and they don’t need to download the video before playing.

More information on where to start with ReView can be found in this help guide:

You may also wish to read our previous blogpost on ReView:

If you would like to see how ReView has been used in practice, the following blog post describes how it can be used for screen casting:

If you would like any further support with this, please contact

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