ReView is Teesside University’s lecture capture solution. It gives a straight forward approach to recording lectures that students can then consume in their own time. It can also be used for personal capture – such as monologues, walk-throughs, even short pep-talks. Whilst the University is undergoing such disruption, these videos will become invaluable aids for your students who cannot be on campus.

Another logical reason for using ReView is that video content doesn’t get added to your module quota. All Blackboard modules have a finite space and video content would quickly soak that allowance up. However, by putting videos into your ReView video library, your module quota is untouched.

In addition, video content in ReView is easily accessible for students. They don’t need specific software, and they don’t need to download the video before playing. They just need to tap Play and the video will automatically stream itself to suit the device the student is using. The student experience will be greatly enhanced, and the rich video content will most certainly be of benefit to all students.

This guide is a great starting point if you’ve never used ReView before:

Initial Set Up

ReView can be accessed through a variety of platforms, but it’s imperative that you access your ReView video library in your Blackboard module before you do anything else. When you access the ReView video library (in the Control Panel, click on Course Tools and then ReView Video Library), a script is activated behind the scenes that sets up your module with the ReView System. More information can be found here:


When you access your ReView Video Library through a desktop (or equivalent), you can create new recordings as well as upload existing content. ReView works especially well with PowerPoints, unpacking the slides of the presentation and putting in timings automatically when you navigate through slide to slide. This guide explains the process in more detail:


There is a specific Panopto app if you are using an iPad. This lets you upload existing video as well as record a new video using the front and rear facing camera of your iPad. Before you use the app, you need to configure your module to use ReView (see above). Should you wish to record a narration over, say, a PowerPoint, this would need to be done before using the app. More information on using an iPad and ReView can be found here:

Editing a Recording

Should you make a mistake whilst recording a capture, it’s easy to edit the mistake out. It could be argued if you stop and start again every time you make a mistake, you might be recording for a long time! ReView offers a very simple approach to editing – you simply mask out any mistakes you may have made. These mistakes are not permanently deleted, and if you wanted, you can re-edit the videos again and again. This could be extremely useful if working from home and the telephone rings! For more information on editing, follow this article:

Reusing Content

Finally, you may want to reuse video content. ReView lets you copy videos from one module to another.  This guide explains the process for you:

Using ReView/Panopto to record your lectures

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