Blackboard comes with a few different approaches to downloading your student submissions. This article looks at two different methods, and will take you through the steps needed.

Approach One – Turnitin Assignments

If you are using Turnitin for students to submit, you can download all the assignments as one zip file.

In the Control Panel, click once on Evaluation and then once on Turnitin Assignments.

You will be presented with all the different Turnitin assignments available. Click the title of the assignment you are interested in, and you will be presented with a list of all the submissions. From this page, you can also see an option for Messages over on the right hand side of the screen – this is important for later on.

Click the small check box next to the student name to select it. Alternatively, clicking the small check box next to the column header Author will select all students. As soon as you do this, a yellow bar will open and you can click the Download button. Choose what you want to download (either the original submission or a PDF version), and Turnitin will go away to process your request.

When finished, you will see you have a new message in your Messages area. Click this and open the message at the top of the list – it will be labelled Bulk Download. You can now click the link inside the message. This will download a zip file on your computer containing all the submissions.

Approach Two – Batch Feedback Tool

Note: This approach only works with Blackboard assignments, not Turnitin Assignments

Custom built for Teesside University, this very hand tool allows you to not only download all submissions in one go, but also to upload all feedback at once. Here, we will explore downloading.

In the module, click once on Evaluation in the Control Panel, and then on Batch Feedback. Now click on Download Submissions. Select the assignment from the drop down list. Choose the parameters to suit your needs, and click either Download or Download plus comments.

A red box will appear and the system will process your request. When finished, you’ll be presented with a download link containing a zip file with all the student submissions.

For more information you can check these guides:

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