Content curation is the process of identifying the most relevant information for your students and then contextualising and organising it. During this time when online learning is at its peak, it is vital that the information being delivered to your students is easy to access and follow. Many students may be struggling with the thought of learning online, so making the learning process simpler may help with this. Following these simple steps can help in the curation of your content.


Use this time to go through existing content and filter out what isn’t beneficial to your students. Aim to include only vital information, to not overload your students with information whilst they are transitioning to learning in a more independent style.


Organise your content in a way that makes it easy to follow. Try not to use the VLE as a file repository and aim to add structure to your content. You could structure the content into weeks or topics. For more information on organising your content in this way, try this help guide:


Adding a small paragraph or line of text to the start of each week gives the student context of what they will be learning that week. This can give the student a brief introduction on what they can expect to learn, what their learning objectives are for the week and how the content is relevant.

Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback from your students can help you in the design and curation of your content. They can give you an insight on how you can modify your content to make it more beneficial for your learners during this time. Why not ask your students to see what they think of your Blackboard module?

Consider creating a resources page

Adding a resources page into your module is a great way to direct your students to more information if they feel that they need it. This could be a bank of external and internal resources that you think will provide value to your student’s learning. Make sure to add a brief description on each resource so that your students know what to expect.

Keep evolving!

 There are endless opportunities as to how you can evolve your eLearning content. Take influence from learner feedback, the latest eLearning trends and emerging technology to curate your content in a new way. Try adding different methods of learning into your content to increase engagement; quizzes, videos or discussion boards. 

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Content Curation Techniques

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