Advance HE (which includes the former Higher Education Academy) have established Advance HE Connect, an online network dedicated to higher education. Teesside University staff can access the network to share, connect and collaborate with over 15,000 global HE peers.

Advance HE Connect was developed following a consultation with representatives from 96 institutions in 14 countries, with the aim of connecting the HE community on a global scale. The aim for all those who work in HE to come together in one place is facilitated by network groups, forums, media centres and group projects.

Users from over 3,000 institutions in 100 countries around the world have already come together to engage in key HE topics including equality, diversity and inclusion, leadership, teaching and learning and student success.

A Learning & Teaching Network has now been established within Advance HE Connect, with a particular emphasis on online learning and teaching in light of the current international situation.

To join:

  1. Please visit
  2. Click ‘Login’ or ‘Request to join’ (if this is your first time on Advance HE Connect)
  3. Click the ‘Connect’ tab
  4. Click on ‘Learning & Teaching Network’
  5. Click ‘Join’

Further relevant networks will be established over the coming weeks to draw together best practice from across the globe.

Advance HE Learning & Teaching Network

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