Do you know that Forms can be used for data gathering purposes by all university staff, students and researchers?   

Create quickly 

A form is very quick and easy to set up. Forms can be used for: 

  • Simple surveys and questionnaires  
  • Feedback forms 
  • Registrations and event sign-up   
  • Quizzes 

Forms can be accessed from any web browser and comes as part of the university subscription to Microsoft Office 365.  Forms have 7 question types with the ability to add sections and branching.   

Send to anyone 

Forms can gather data anonymously and be shared to people external to the university.  Forms integrates with university systems to automatically capture names of those with a university account if required, a useful feature for sign-up sheets.  You can also collaborate on forms with your colleagues and students.   

Ample Capacity  

Your university forms account has a generous capacity.   

How many forms can I create? 

You can have up to 200 single forms on your account.  This does not include forms others have shared with you.  

How many questions per form can I create? 

You are limited to 100 questions per single form.  Note that each option within a Likert type question counts as one question.  

How many responses can a form receive? 

The limit is 50,000 responses per single form completion.  Existing responses can be exported to enable more responses to the form to be received.  

Results in real-time 

The Responses tab on forms updates in real-time as the responses arrive.  It gives an automatic visual and tabulated summary of the responses to each question.  All results can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further data analysis. 

Forms can offer a simple and flexible solution to creating surveys and gathering data for your learning and teaching activities and those of your students For academic research the University has subscription to Jisc online surveys 

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