Teesside University
Learning and Teaching Conference – 5th March 2020

Enhancing Student Success for Education 4.0

Future Facing Learning

With an increasing global focus on teaching excellence and at a time of intense development in the HE policy landscape in the UK, Universities are taking steps to ensure that they are meeting the demands of public measures that differentiate their value and deliver on quality experiences focused on achieving student success.

It is imperative that universities adapt to the needs of a diverse, dynamic, and changing student population by providing flexible services and a greater sense of connection and personalisation. With better technology and a much deeper understanding of how students learn, educators are starting to devise innovative ways to personalise the learning experience. Universities are increasingly combining leading elements of traditional teaching with digital technology and the utilisation of analytics to tailor the curriculum to individual learners to help them succeed. Such innovations are rooted in the idea that students come to university with different levels of knowledge, learn in different ways, and progress at varying paces.

Teesside University’s 2020 Learning and Teaching Conference provides a platform to showcase examples of institutional and practice-level innovations that optimise student success for Education 4.0. Student access to academic resources and wider support throughout the student journey, retention on and completion of programmes of study, and progression and the cumulative achievements in and beyond higher education are all recognised as integral elements of student success. Success in each of these areas depends on the extent to which students are engaged, and their belonging is fostered both through inclusive curricula and wider institutional services across the whole student life cycle.

To this end, we would like to invite proposals for contributions around the following areas:

  1. Institution-wide initiatives taking a broader view of student success across the student life cycle – e.g. student mental health and wellbeing, personal academic tutoring and support.
  2. Curriculum / practice-based initiatives focusing on innovations in student engagement across classroom-based, online and international provision.
  3. Inter/multi-disciplinary initiatives spanning disciplines, Schools and/or services with the aim of enhancing student academic engagement and success.

Please see the Guidance for Abstract Submission for more information on how to submit your expression of interest.

We ask that abstracts are no longer than 300 words (not including references) and submitted as a Word document to: LTE@tees.ac.uk

We look forward to receiving your submissions by Monday 3rd February 2020.

Teesside University Conference: Enhancing Student Success for Education 4.0

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