The focus for the 2023-24 LTExChange Symposia Series is “The Connected University”. The series will bring together and engage key stakeholders to support new thinking and share practice innovations as we consider what it means to be a truly “Connected University” in what is an increasingly uncertain higher education landscape. Through the series we will be considering, more specifically, what it means for the university, staff, and students to be ‘globally connected’ and how we can prepare our staff and students to adapt and develop ‘socially and ethically engaged’ approaches to learning that will meet future challenges.

The third and final symposium in this year’s series focuses on the theme of ‘The Student’ and we are delighted to welcome Professor Alison Cook-Sather (Bryn Mawr University, US) as our keynote speaker for the event. The title and outline for Alison’s talk can be found below.

The Value of Student-Staff Partnership Work in Preparing for a Globally Connected World

By Professor Alison Cook-Sather, Mary Katharine Woodworth Professor of Education and Director, Peace, Conflict and Social Justice concentration and Director, Teaching and Learning Institute, Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges.

In this interactive keynote, Dr. Alison Cook-Sather will invite reflection on the definition and premises of student-staff partnership that have guided her own and others’ work and on illustrative examples of partnerships between students and academic and professional staff. Drawing on these examples and a forthcoming chapter co-authored with students, she will facilitate exploration of how partnership work prepares students for connecting with a diversity of people post graduation through building competencies for a career-ready workforce.

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Reminder – LTExChange Symposium 3: April 24th 1pm – “The Connected Student – Keynote and Booking Information

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