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In this overview of the use of large language models in teaching and learning, Hunter explains the technology underlying LLMs, talks about why we don’t need to worry about hallucinations (but should never blindly trust LLMs), and outlines the ways that we can use LLMs to provide personalised learning in higher education. Along the way he will talk about how to approach assessment now that LLMs exist, how to use LLMs in your classroom, and why, if LLMs were a drug, everyone would be prescribed them.


Professor Dan Hunter is the Executive Dean of the Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s College London. He was previously the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology and the Founding Dean of Swinburne Law School in Australia. He is an international expert in internet and intellectual property law, AI & law, and legal tech and legal innovation. He holds a PhD from Cambridge on the cognitive science of legal reasoning, as well as computer science and law degrees from Monash University, and an LLM by research from the University of Melbourne.


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National Keynote – Teaching and Learning with Large Language Models in Higher Education

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