We are delighted to announce support from SLAR on the Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert (MIE Experts) professional recognition scheme. MIE Experts are educators and staff who are passionate about their work, are collaborative, change makers, who strive to empower students to achieve, whilst supporting and promoting the culture change necessary in their Schools/Departments/course teams.

Digital Transformation in SLAR will be keen to work with you through our coaching programme to help you prepare to become a MIE Expert. Contact us for coaching via elearning@tees.ac.uk

Our coaching programme will be in two parts:

  1. Contact us for support in implementing Microsoft applications in innovative ways into your course design for individuals, small groups, course or departmental level
  2. Contact us for support in capturing your practice through the production of a Digital Excellence Impact Case Study, which you can use as evidence in your MIE Expert application

The application window opened on 15th May and closes on 7th July. We are keen to support you through your journey to become a MIE Expert. Please take a look at the material below on the steps to become a MIE Expert. For all questions, clarifications and support requests please reach out to us via elearning@tees.ac.uk. We’d be happy to help set up support to guide you through this.

Click on the following link to download further information on the MIEE application: MIEE Application 23-24 – Intro

Become a Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert (MIEE) in 2023
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