Student Learning and Academic Registry is delighted to announce the launch of its call for proposals for the National Future Facing Learning Conference on 15th June 2023.

A national conference hosted by Teesside University, this event brings together sector leaders, researchers and academics to discuss what ‘the Education Revolution’ means to their practice and the direction and purpose of Higher Education.

The event seeks to help delegates answer how we can be more creative in approaches to learning and teaching, and assessment, and more specifically digital learning and digital technologies to get the best out of all students.

Teesside University’s Future Facing Learning Strategy aims to empower our students to deliver impact on a global scale by providing them with an innovative curriculum and a stimulating learning environment, we seek to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, and tools to thrive and achieve sustainable success in a complex and uncertain world of work.

For our 2023 ‘Future Facing Learning Conference – The Education Revolution’ Conference, we want to open up the discussion beyond Teesside and create an opportunity for us all to share with each other the work we’re doing, the strategies we’re employing and the lessons we’re learning. This year, we are focusing on the central tenants of Future Facing Learning dimensions through the lens of leadership, partnerships, doing education differently, investing in ourselves and the people around us.

Our plan is to host a selection of panel debates and discussions around how collectively we can optimise and harness the affordances of the five tenants of Future Facing Learning within our curriculum and learning experiences.  The panels will consist of speakers from TU and beyond to share practice and address key questions.

We are inviting colleagues at Teesside to apply to be on a panel at the Conference, showcasing leading thinking and research around breaking barriers and re-thinking the higher education system and how the sector can support learning to take place throughout a learner’s life.

You are invited to submit up to 300 words explaining your thoughts, research and practice to share how the 5 tenants of Teesside’s Future Facing Learning Strategy are brought to life through the lens(es) of:

1) Leadership and Partnerships

  • Exploring approaches to leading programmes, people and culture change across disciplines, projects and professions.
  • Embedding opportunities for students to develop their approaches to leadership and crafting their leadership practice in and for the real world.

2) Doing Education Differently

  • The time is ripe for us to challenge traditional models and constructs within HE/FE and to remodel the status quo, exploring new and innovative models of HE, debating on purpose, value and key components that make an excellent learning experience which sets learners up for life, not just for academic achievements.
  • How can we embed skills of the future helping individuals live in a global society, developing their whole selves, character and personal attributes?
  • The world needs interdisciplinary problem-solvers so how can we create opportunities and structures where knowledge and learning opportunities span beyond the siloed nature of our current system. Are universities truly committed to fostering interdisciplinary research, or is there still a degree of lip service being paid to the idea?

3) Investing in ourselves and the people around us

  • Approaches to investing in the professional development of staff and students, particularly around doing education differently, pace of change ininstitutions, digital fluencies and preparing students for changing professions.

4) Motivations for, and Design of Online Learning

  • Design – Uploading content on a VLE is not high-quality online learning.  Exploring hallmarks of successful online learning practices and sharing success stories on the approaches to designing meaningful student journeys.
  • Capabilities – Exploring successful practices in empowering and enriching how staff make the transition from campus delivery to online delivery of learning, teaching and student experience.
  • Exploring motivations for offering online learning courses in institutions.


Please email your proposal to by Monday 3rd April 2023, 10am.  We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Student Learning and Academic Registry

National Future Facing Learning Conference – Call for Proposals

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