As standard, Blackboard will send everyone one Notification Email once a day, early in the morning, listing all the important changes to your modules over the last 24 hours. This is the minimum frequency of emails allowed by the Blackboard software, we cannot configure emails to be less frequent than once a day, nor indeed, turn them off completely.

If you wish, you can change your Blackboard so that it emails you immediately upon any change, rather than once a day. You can also reduce the type of events that Blackboard will include in its daily email to you. Note though, this won’t stop the emails, as there are some events that Blackboard will always email you about, no matter what settings you choose. Again, the Blackboard software does not give us the option to change this behaviour.

ITDS have produced an excellent video showing how to change your Notification Email settings:

It also demonstrates how to change your emails back to the default settings if (for example) you have changed your email settings to “send immediately”.


If you have any questions relating to BB notification preferences, please contact



Managing Blackboard Notification Preferences
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