StREAM is the University’s learner analytics platform. The use of learner analytics is designed to support all our students in maximising their chances of success and realising their potential.

It can be accessed through

There has recently been an upgrade to StREAM, and the updated user guide can be found on the staff knowledge base at the following link: Learner Analytics using StREAM – E-learning Help Guides (

What’s New:

The main new feature is Groups.

These allow staff to create arbitrary groups of students :

  • which can be shown as a filtered list, with other students removed, on the My Students page (see guide, section 5)
  • for which staff can create Exemptions for all group members en-masse (see guide, section 9)
  • for which staff can create Interactions for all group members en-masse (see guide, section 9)
  • When creating an Interaction, staff can now refer the students to more than one place (for example to both Student Life and to the Learning Hub).


In addition, there has been an update to the latest version of Information Governance support for Schools, available on the SLAR Unity page: Student Learning & Academic Registry – Learner Analytics (

If you require any help with StREAM, please contact

StREAM Upgrade
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