With the new academic year just around the corner, the new semester modules for 2022/2023 are now available on Blackboard Ultra. Many of you have already begun populating your new modules with content. There is a good chance that you will want to reuse existing content, especially when it comes to video material.

Hopefully by now your video content is hosted via our streaming media service, ReView. Copying video content in ReView is slightly different to copying standard material.

This guide explains the process to migrate your video content:

Copying / Moving ReView Videos from One Module to Another

If your video content is not hosted via ReView, now would be an excellent opportunity to move those videos into your ReView Video Library. There are many benefits to using ReView for video, and we strongly recommend you take advantage of this service. If you’re unsure how to do this, the guide below is a great place to start:

Getting Started With ReView in Ultra

We also have a handy guide on how to grab existing video content from, say, old Blackboard and import it into your new module space. This guide is specifically written to explain how to get access to older video content but can also be applied if you have video content on your own space.

Copying existing ReView videos into Ultra

As ever, if you need further assistance, you can contact us at elearning@tees.ac.uk and one of the team will liaise with you.

Copying ReView Videos

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