As everyone knows, we have been using Blackboard Ultra now for almost a year’s worth of teaching, and so the time has come to start the process of shutting down our old Blackboard site.


Apart from a very small number of modules running to completion, our old Blackboard site hasn’t been used for active teaching since August 2021.


To this end, the university’s old Blackboard site ( will be turned off at the end of this summer, 30th September 2022.


After September, all learning materials, content, assignment submissions and marks on old Blackboard will be inaccessible. Additionally, any ReView videos uploaded to modules on old Blackboard will stop working, including videos which have had their permissions manually altered to make them additionally viewable in Blackboard Ultra modules. From October onwards, Blackboard Ultra will be the only “Blackboard” supported by the university.


If you would like to keep any of your old content, now is the time to take action!


Please look to preserve content you (may) be needing for your own learning and teaching purposes. This could include files or videos you have uploaded to old Blackboard, web pages you have created on the site, perhaps student assignment submissions which are particularly relevant examples of good practice, or videos you have uploaded to ReView through old Blackboard (and have not yet transferred to ReView through Blackboard Ultra). We don’t recommend en-masse downloading of student assignments or feedback for GDPR reasons.


We have written an online guide describing how content can be downloaded and preserved.


Students will be receiving a separate communication on how to preserve their assignment submissions and feedback, which will point to this separate online guide.

“Old” Blackboard is being turned off – What do I need to do?
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