The Principles of Course Design for Hybrid Learning toolkit was launched with the aim to contextualise the Hybrid Learning model to the nature of your subject discipline. Further information about the toolkit, as well as a link to download the resource can be found here:

Part seven of the toolkit covers concluding your module. This is the final part of the toolkit and encourages you to ensure that you have covered all the vital parts of planning how to design a hybrid learning module or course.

Further Learning

Once you have designed each week of your module, ensuring that the learning outcomes are being met throughout, you should encourage your students to carry out further learning and research so that deeper levels of knowledge can be developed from the topics covered in the module. This could be done by providing links to information that you think would be useful for the students, such as downloadable videos or articles. Providing these can help your students to gain further knowledge on their subject and give them an idea of what to look out for if they were planning on doing their own research on the topic.

The articles you have provided may link to next semester to help students to develop synergies on the course coherently. This gives the students a chance to gains some deeper understanding on what they will be learning next semester and gives them an idea of what to expect.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up the module is very important, as it gives the students a chance to look back on what they have learnt. Wrap up your module as you would in your final class on campus, make a note of the successes of the students and make them aware of how the intended learning outcomes for the module or course have been met. This not only makes it clear to the students why the module has been useful to them, but also encourages them to look back on their time in the module and think about what they have learnt and what they have achieved. Reflections can be a useful mechanism for wrapping up a module. Reflective learning ensures that students can critically evaluate their learning, identify areas that need further development and encourages them to become independent learners.

LTE Support

We hope that the toolkit has been able to provide everything that you have needed to plan your hybrid learning module effectively. However, if you require any further assistance with the structuring of your module, please contact where we can offer you various modes of support.

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