Due to the current circumstances, you may be beginning to record your lectures using ReView, or host live sessions using Microsoft Teams. Many academics are becoming concerned about setting up a remote learning workspace that is effective for recording. The following are a few tips which can help you achieve a productive space.

Set up the room

Try to create a space that is free from distractions when you are recording, if possible. A desk set up with a webcam and a mic in a room where noise can be shut out is an ideal space to record. It is important to create an inclusive learning space for all students as they transition from on campus to online learning.

Video and audio quality 

Ensure that your video and audio quality are suitable by creating a test video beforehand. You could even upload the test video to your Blackboard module and ask students for feedback before you record a full lecture.

Consider splitting up your lecture into smaller parts in order to maintain engagement with the lecture. An hour-long video can be intimidating to students, whereas four 15-minute-long videos seem a lot more manageable!

For live sessions, video and audio quality is very important. Consider recording your live sessions so that students can go back to them if they feel they have missed anything.

Lesson delivery 

Plan how the lecture is going to be carried out before you start recording, this can help you to maintain a structure throughout.

For live sessions, make sure all your files are uploaded to Microsoft Teams before you start the session. This ensures that the session flows without interruption. Use screen sharing to present a PowerPoint during the session, to help maintain as much continuity to on campus sessions as possible.

Be human!

Your students are as new to this as you are, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Don’t feel that you need to restart a recording if you make a mistake, as you wouldn’t do this in an on campus lecture.

If you need any support with this, you can request an online drop-in session by following the instructions here: https://blogs.tees.ac.uk/lteonline/2020/03/20/online-digital-learning-drop-in/ or you can email elearning@tees.ac.uk for further support.

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