As usual, we’ll be making some improvements to the Blackboard website at Teesside University this summer.

We are going to be working on a number of things :

  • Software Improvements. We are making a number of software improvements & fixes for various issues. In particular, we are making further enhancements to the Module Box facility for External Examiners, making it easier for them to view student assignment submissions. We are also making further improvements to the responsive design, which we introduced last summer and makes the Blackboard website work on smaller (phone) sized screens by automatically redesigning the web pages to fit into smaller spaces.
  • Annual Maintenance. In order to keep Blackboard working efficiently, there are a number of software and data management tasks we need to carry out every year. The downtime gives us the opportunity to do this.

In order to implement these improvements, there will need to be some unavoidable Blackboard downtime over the summer.

We fully appreciate that whatever time we choose, it won’t be ideal for everyone. After considering all the factors we know about (such as exam boards, re-sits and the availability of staff resources), we’ve tried to pick the least inconvenient times possible. So,

Blackboard will be unavailable between these times:

  • Thursday 29th August at 7am until Monday 2nd September at noon

If possible, we will aim to restore access to Blackboard sometime over the weekend, however if we need access to resources only available during normal working hours, access to Blackboard will need to be restored sometime on Monday morning.

Creation of Modules for Next Academic Year

As previously advertised, modules for next academic year were created on 7th/8th August. If you need to be added as a Module Leader to a newly created module, please contact IT Services.


If you have any questions – please contact

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