As part of the Future Facing Learning programme and the iPad roll-out, the Panopto mobile app is accessible to all staff and students.

Using the app, students can view video recordings made available to them in their current and past modules without having to go into Blackboard.

As teaching staff, you will still need to follow the process of recording and embedding video captures in your Blackboard module as you normally would. The Panopto app simply provides a mobile-friendly alternative to access/view recordings as well as capture content using smart phone and tablet devices.

Because of this, if you place a recording in a module folder on ReView it will immediately be available to students via the Panopto app, even if you’ve not embedded it as an item in the module on Blackboard.

Review, edit and release

If you would like to keep the recording private in order to review and edit the content before making it available to your students via Blackboard, you can:

Record into your Blackboard Sandbox module – Students cannot see any of your content when it’s stored in your Sandbox folder

Record into ‘My Folder’ – which is a personal folder in Panopto similar to the Sandbox module in Blackboard.  See how you can access the My Folder area in ReView.


Once you are happy with the recording, copy/move it over to the appropriate teaching module and embed it within the relevant section in Blackboard.

By doing so, you have control over the quality of content and can choose when the recordings are made available to students.

Securing your content

If you wish to secure recordings such as formative assessments, presentations, and reflective exercises and restrict the viewing permission to a specific group or an individual, you will need to:

    1. Create a new subfolder in the Review Video Library area in your teaching module and;
    2. Change the viewing permissions under the Share option to only allow access to the groups or individuals you want.

Please contact if you have any queries.

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