Just completed a project overview vodcast for the HEA conference in early July – I had hoped to rope in other members of the team but due to holidays etc we were stuck with me – many thanks to Paul Durston and his film-making skills! Once he has worked his magic we intend to upload this very short video to the blog.

This activity made me reflect, not for the first time, on the changing skills required of academics these days – although I had a tiny bit of media training on and experience of giving effective sound bites/interviews for TV etc  in a previous role as an NHS manager, as an academic I, and many like me, am now encouraged and doing our best to rise to the challenge of providing audio/video information on our courses or work, being recorded or filmed when teaching/presenting at conferences and also using these means to provide student feedback. I guess I am not the only one who has felt daunted by the prospect of being captured on film or tape, nor the sense of achievement having ‘felt the fear and done it anyway’! – or who values the fact that these means provide reusable learning resources that enable those of us not present at an event or even on the other side of the world to engage with and potentially collaborate in the development of activities and resources that would not otherwise be possible.

Academics and the media – reflections of a reluctant presenter
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