Month: August 2023

3 minute read

5 questions with a Graphic Designer

I’m Mat, a motion designer at Teesside University. Studying graphic design at university gave me a solid foundation to build upon, allowing me to move between different roles within the industry, from graphic designer, website design, 3D animation and modelling, […]

2 minute read

Why study English?

We live in a globalised world where language surpasses borders, and the English language is spoken worldwide. The value of an English degree is extensive. Read on for the top five reasons why you should study  an English degree here […]

Jim Entwistle
3 minute read

Subject Spotlight: Journalism

I spent four years as a reporter for The Northern Echo covering a mix of court, council and other current affairs across the North East of England. I moved on to become Head of Marketing and Communications at the Great […]

1 minute read

Greggs Marketing Challenge

In the annual Greggs Marketing Challenge, universities across the North East compete against each other with a live brief set by Greggs. The brief changes each year to reflect changes in Greggs’ internal and external economic environment. In 2022, the […]

Level X Middlesbrough
3 minute read

My Level X review

As soon as I heard a new arcade and social hotspot was opening in Middlesbrough, I was already budgeting how much money I was planning to spend there. Level X is a new arcade and entertainment venue which recently opened […]

3 minute read

Is primary education your future?

Any teacher will tell you that teaching is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle. You are a crucial part of your student’s lives and are responsible for how they approach your subject and the world as they grow […]

2 minute read

Why criminology could be the course for you

Criminology is the study of crime and the factors that drive it, on an individual level and in society. You explore the lifespan of crime – from prevention to societal impact to how we deal with offenders. The life of […]

2 minute read

Find your passion for politics

Politics is a living, breathing subject that never stands still. It helps us to discover our rights and understand how our beliefs relate to society. You get the chance to really look at yourself and the world around you. If […]