Student Life

2 minute read

Why study at Teesside University?

There are over 160 higher education institutions to choose from in the UK. It’s important to research the different benefits of studying at each University. Here are seven reasons why you should study here at Teesside. 1. Triple Gold We’re […]

4 minute read

Top ten exam revision tips

Revision can be overwhelming, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so we’ve put this blog together to support you through exam season. It’s never too early The earlier you start the longer you’ll have to revise your […]

3 minute read

10 benefits of reading

It’s World Book Day today, and on its 29th birthday, there are events across the world to promote the importance of reading. Reading can be incredibly rewarding and books can change lives, open minds and teach new things. Here are […]

5 minute read

The best places to grab a Parmo

Not since Dorman Long built the Sydney Harbour Bridge has Teesside produced something as wonderful as the parmo. A flattened piece of fried chicken, topped with béchamel (or just béch if you’re local) and cheddar cheese, not parmesan cheese to […]

6 minute read

Prepping for your application

Applying for university comes with a range of questions and challenges. Whether you’ve already applied or are hoping to apply in the next few weeks, we’ve outlined what you can expect – we hope you find it helpful. If you’ve […]