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4 minute read

Top ten exam revision tips

Revision can be overwhelming, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so we’ve put this blog together to support you through exam season. It’s never too early The earlier you start the longer you’ll have to revise your […]

7 minute read

Mental Health in Popular Culture

For so long, it seemed that mental health was something that must never be discussed. A Voldemort-esque shadow hanging over modern Britain ready to strike whenever someone so much as has an emotion, let alone discuss it. In truth, mental […]

3 minute read

ADHD and me

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Also known as ADHD. It’s a deficit of executive function characterised by inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity, and it’s my everyday life. ADHD can cause problems at work, in your social life, financially and basically anywhere else […]

7 minute read

Managing pre-university anxiety

My name is Holly Shahverdi and I am a Trainee Counselling Psychologist at Teesside University. I am studying the Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology but before this, I studied my MSc in Health Psychology and my BSc in Psychology (Hons). […]