The pandemic has had an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. If you’re struggling with the consequences of coronavirus and need some extra support, Student Space is here to help. You might be feeling lonely, struggling with grief, worried about money, or something else altogether. With safe, confidential support available online, by phone, text and email, you can speak to someone outside of normal office hours.

Student Space offers lots of helpful articles, videos and webinars such as:

If you’re self-isolating or quarantining, the university can give you extra support too. We appreciate that self-isolating/quarantining can be a challenge and we are here to support you. If you are self-isolating and have reported this to your household should have already received an Essentials Pack from us.

If your household requires additional urgent support, and there are no other members of your household or friends who can help, we are offering additional support to self-isolating/quarantining student households in University accommodation and private rented term-time accommodation in central Middlesbrough.

Please head over to this page for more information.