2 minute read

Why study Marketing?

Business studies has grown in popularity in schools and colleges over the last 10 years. It opens a broad range of careers in different areas of business, from finance, HR, sales and management. One of the more creative functions it […]

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How to prepare for an open day

Choosing your university is a big decision, so we’re here to help you get to know us better. If you’re planning on coming along to an open day, here are some top tips to help you prepare: Research your chosen […]

3 minute read

Why work in healthcare?

Are you considering a healthcare career, but unsure where to begin? Or maybe it’s something you’ve never thought of, but you’re open to the idea. There are so many amazing reasons to embark on a healthcare career. Read on to […]

2 minute read

Is a law degree your next step?

Laws add structure and order to countries and communities. Studying the law allows you to make a difference to the world, whether it’s on a small scale or a global one. You might be here because you have a passion […]

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What can a sociology degree do for you?

Have you ever wondered why society is the way it is? Or why different communities behave differently and have different rules – both legal and social? For example, why are you expected to tip in a restaurant in the US […]

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Why study English?

An English degree at Teesside University offers an enriching educational journey that fosters critical thinking, creative expression and practical skills to endless opportunities and a rich academic experience. You’ll be part of live research projects, where you can contribute to […]

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Why study History?

With a history degree, you’re not just opening the door to one profession; you’re unlocking numerous career avenues. You could find yourself in education, the military (often as an officer), police services, the NHS, government, the arts, management or politics. […]