Have you ever wondered why society is the way it is? Or why different communities behave differently and have different rules – both legal and social? For example, why are you expected to tip in a restaurant in the US but it’s seen as insulting in Japan? As a sociologist, it’s your job to study the world as it changes around you, discovering the social relationships and institutions that make up society.

See the world through new eyes

If you’ve ever felt the need to investigate the differences in the world, sociology is for you. Explore viewpoints that you may have never considered, letting the world become your laboratory. Examine interactions between individuals or take a step back and tackle social theory on a global scale. Every societal behaviour is an opportunity for you to learn and understand, and with that knowledge begin to solve issues. You become a better, more well-rounded person who can approach problems with a rational perspective.

Sociology is a shape-shifter

The subject matter is incredibly diverse, covering everything from crime, societal divisions, religion and shared cultural beliefs, to family dynamics and the state. Sociology is a subject rooted in the modern world – as the world around you changes, so does your subject. With so many avenues to explore, and with such a hugely versatile and dynamic subject, you’ll always have something new to keep you interested.

Make it your own

As a sociology graduate, you have a unique understanding of people and society which is beneficial to your career trajectory. The skills you develop are so diverse and mean that the job market is open to you. You could go into the public sector, conducting social research for the government, or enter the private sector as a journalist. You have the rare opportunity to mould your degree into whatever you want it to be.

By Steph.