Laws add structure and order to countries and communities. Studying the law allows you to make a difference to the world, whether it’s on a small scale or a global one. You might be here because you have a passion for law, or maybe just because you’ve watched Legally Blonde too many times. No matter your reasons, discover why law is the degree for you.

Take your degree anywhere

A law degree gives you freedom to pursue whatever career you choose – you’re not limited to becoming a solicitor or barrister. With Barack and Michelle Obama, Rebel Wilson, and Kim Kardashian all using their degrees in vastly different ways, you have unlimited possibilities ahead of you after graduating. You are prepared for a future in your control.

Embrace your curiosity

The law is multifaceted and incredibly varied, offering you many opportunities to follow your interests. Whether you want to face down criminals in court, argue the finer points of a mortgage contract or manage wills and estates, a law degree provides you with the chance to find your passion and pursue what drives you.

Learn to say a lot with a little

One of the key things you learn as a law student is how to make something complicated – like law of tort – sound simple. Being able to condense your expertise to explain things to a client is a highly valued skill and offers you a variety of opportunities after graduation. You also develop your ability to process complex information rapidly.

From books to the real world

Studying law is more than just writing essays with a stack of reference books next to you. It’s competing in moot courts to develop your court room skills or volunteering in pro bono clinics – such as Teesside University Law Clinic – to support real people with real problems. You learn theory alongside the practical skills to support a career in law, government, business and internationally. Law is also relevant and useful in many ways in everyday life – from buying a coffee on the way to work, to negotiating a rental agreement with your landlord. You can take your lectures into the real world and apply your degree.

By Steph.