5 minute read

Debunking the Clearing myths

We hear so many stories in the news, on social media and possibly through your mate’s mam’s friend so that, when it comes to Clearing and university, it’s difficult to establish what’s true and what isn’t. Here we aim to […]

Saltburn Beach Huts
3 minute read

Summer short courses at Teesside University

I’m Georgina and I’m already a final-year psychology with criminology student at Teesside University. Wow, that went quick! One of the reasons I chose Teesside (which is 80 miles from home) was the abundance of opportunities compared to other universities. […]

4 minute read

Top 10 dissertation tips

Ellie McLernon is a third-year forensic psychology student here at Teesside University. She has learned a lot about completing assignments and has given us her top tips for dissertation writing. 1) Don’t leave everything until the last minute Regardless of […]