We live in a globalised world where language surpasses borders, and the English language is spoken worldwide. The value of an English degree is extensive. Read on for the top five reasons why you should study  an English degree here at Teesside.

1 . Wide career prospects
Studying an English degree allows for you to amplify your reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking skills. Combining this with English being the primary language of global communication, makes an extremely desirable degree in the global job market. After graduation, your career prospects are far from linear and limited, you have the skills for a host of career routes including marketing and PR, teaching, copywriting and journalism, and script writing.

2. Cultural awareness
You explore various cultures and perspectives, fostering a sensitivity and appreciation for different experiences. This is essential in the quest for an inclusive society. Your personal and professional relationships benefit from this, as you find it easier to communicate and empathise with others.

3. Building versatility and adaptability
Studying English is so much more than reading novels and drafting essays, you become a culturally rich student whose skills are vast. You learn to think critically and creatively to problem-solve and communicate.

4. Studying your passion
For those who love reading an English degree can feel very much like studying a hobby. You get to make a career of something you’re passionate about and follow where your interest takes you.

5. Preparation for future study
If you’re considering studying at postgraduate level, an English undergraduate degree provides a strong foundation for numerous specialist courses. You could pursue further study in the field, such as MA Creative Writing which you can study here at Teesside, or something new with a conversion course.

By Eve.