Year: 2023

1 minute read

Why study English?

An English degree at Teesside University offers an enriching educational journey that fosters critical thinking, creative expression and practical skills to endless opportunities and a rich academic experience. You’ll be part of live research projects, where you can contribute to […]

1 minute read

Why study History?

With a history degree, you’re not just opening the door to one profession; you’re unlocking numerous career avenues. You could find yourself in education, the military (often as an officer), police services, the NHS, government, the arts, management or politics. […]

6 minute read

Prepping for your application

Applying for university comes with a range of questions and challenges. Whether you’ve already applied or are hoping to apply in the next few weeks, we’ve outlined what you can expect – we hope you find it helpful. If you’ve […]

3 minute read

Teesside Climbing Club

Here at Teesside, we have a wide range of clubs and activities for you to get involved in, whether it’s related to your course or something completely different! Here Shane Robertson, a BSc (Hons) Computer Science student, tells us why […]

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Studying a foundation year  

Tell us a bit about yourself My name is Terry Stravens. I am 54 years old, currently studying BA (Hons) Business Management, due to graduate in 2026. I own two businesses: V2 Health and Fitness, and Stravens Intelligent Products. As […]