Are you considering a healthcare career, but unsure where to begin? Or maybe it’s something you’ve never thought of, but you’re open to the idea. There are so many amazing reasons to embark on a healthcare career. Read on to find out if it could be for you…

  1. A rewarding career

Are you passionate about helping people? Working in healthcare means you get to do this every single day. No matter what role you’re in, you can go home each day knowing you’ve made a difference to people’s lives. You can have a fulfilling career with many opportunities for progression and development. Hear from a range of health professionals about their experiences here.

  1. Choose from a variety of roles

You’ll be surprised how many career options there are within healthcare. You’re likely already aware of nursing and midwifery, but did you know about occupational therapy, physiotherapy, paramedic practice, diagnostic radiography and operating department practice? These are just a few career options, not to mention the different pathways you can take within each one. You’re bound to find an area to suit you, your personality and your skillset.

  1. Extensive employment opportunities

There are so many opportunities for employment within the NHS, such as in hospitals and GP surgeries. You could also go on to work in charitable trusts, the private sector and in the community. There are also employment opportunities in research, leadership and teaching. Whatever you choose, you’ll gain multidisciplinary experience working closely with other professionals such as doctors, social workers, psychologists and more.

  1. Financial support while studying

You could gain financial support from the NHS Business Service Authority while you’re studying towards your degree in healthcare. You can apply for the NHS Learning Support Fund if you’re on an undergraduate or postgraduate course listed here.

  1. NHS perks

If you’re working in the NHS, you can take advantage of a range of discounts, saving you money on things like travel, finance, shopping, food and drink – you name it!

These are just a handful of reasons to pursue a healthcare career – whether you’re just starting out or fancy a career change. It’s never too early or too late to start looking into it. Why not take the leap?

By Grace.