IT and Computer Science subjects are more in demand than ever in our digital world. Teesside University offers top-class programmes in these subjects and here are five reasons why to study these types of subjects.

1. Accredited courses
Teesside University’s computing courses hold accreditations from professional bodies such as BCS and IET. This provides confidence in the level of quality of education that you’ll receive as these courses are met with certain standards of quality and evaluated by an accrediting body.

2. Variety of career paths
You can carve out your career path based on the broad spectrum of information technology and computer science subjects available at Teesside University. You could be an IT consultant, software engineer, cyber security specialist and more.

3. Excellent employability
Over 90% of Teesside University computing graduates enter professional roles or further study. Employers highly value the skills you gain from studying these courses.

4. Facilities
You’ll have access to our state-of-the-art laboratories as part of the Siemens Connected Curriculum initiative which includes industry-leading simulation environments, real-life problem-solving tutorials, and Internet of Things (IoT) software.

5. Continual learning and growth
The learning doesn’t stop after graduation in IT and computer science fields. They are constantly evolving with new technologies and developments arriving all the time. You will enjoy ongoing intellectual stimulation and regular opportunities to expand your skills.

By Jade.