International students working in the Clarendon Building open area

Starting an application can be time-consuming and frustrating. Here are seven tips to make your application experience as an international student smoother.

1. Start your application early
The application process for UK universities can be lengthy, so you must start your applications in advance. This gives you time to collect the required documents and to ensure a well-prepared application. You can check the deadlines here for the intake you’re interested in.

2. Check your entry requirements
Carefully review the entry requirements on your course page including academic qualifications, English Language proficiency and any other specific criteria. Make sure you meet or exceed these requirements.

3. Write a compelling personal statement
The personal statement is a crucial part of your application and allows you to showcase your suitability for the course, motivation, and interests.

4. Ask questions
Get familiar with the Contact Us page on our website so that your enquiry is answered by the appropriate department. Additionally, you can find a regional office or agent near you to help you with your enquiries by selecting your country from the drop-down list.

5. Explore scholarships and funding
Teesside University offers various scholarships for international students. Click here to find the available scholarships and apply for any you may be eligible for.

6. Provide documentation
These can include official transcripts, certified copies of your academic application, and photographic evidence confirming your identity.

7. Pay your deposit
Paying a deposit ensures you secure your place on your course, demonstrates a financial commitment and avoids potential delays in getting your application fully processed.

By Jade.