Criminology is the study of crime and the factors that drive it, on an individual level and in society. You explore the lifespan of crime – from prevention to societal impact to how we deal with offenders. The life of a criminologist is a varied one, you always have something new to investigate, so if you want to know why criminology is worth studying, take a look at these highlights:

The world is your oyster

Criminology covers a wide variety of topics that prepare you for all manner of careers. Whether you want to be a probation officer, work within the police force or in offender management, a criminology degree is your stepping stone to achieving your goals. With your unique insight and skills, you are welcome in the public and private sectors, as well as voluntary or charitable organisations.

Become a detective of the world

So, you don’t get a magnifying glass on your first day, and you may not be the next Poirot, but criminology gives you the rare opportunity to investigate the world around you. You analyse why crime happens, what happens after crime and how we can stop it from happening again. Follow where your curiosity leads you.

Make meaningful change

You are part of a cohort of people who want to add value to the world. Understanding why people commit crimes and how we can prevent them can change society for the better. And learning how to improve our treatment of offenders and ex-offenders can create a kinder world with fewer repeat offences. Become a leader who makes a difference.

Never a dull moment

The law is always evolving, which means that crime is also changing all the time. From the ways that people commit crimes to what is considered to be legal and illegal, criminology is a dynamic profession. You are continuously challenged to keep updated with what’s going on in the world and how that might affect criminal behaviour.

By Steph Gardener.