Politics is a living, breathing subject that never stands still. It helps us to discover our rights and understand how our beliefs relate to society. You get the chance to really look at yourself and the world around you. If that sounds like a future you want, here are  more reasons why politics could be for you: 

Your degree could lead you anywhere

From critical thinking and analysis to communication and time management, with a degree in politics, you learn how to argue your point and make your mark. These skills leave endless doors open and are highly valued by employers. Whether you see yourself in 10 Downing Street or as one of the journalists waiting outside, your degree prepares you for whatever life throws your way.

Be the change you want to see

As a politics graduate, you can affect real, tangible change. Pursue a career in diplomacy, local, national or international government, or frontline politics. This could be your chance to contribute to history.

You’re always learning

The socio-political climate of the world is forever changing – just look how the cost-of-living crisis is influencing the public’s voting decisions or the powder-keg of United States policy. Politics with international relations is a dynamic subject that you’ll never be bored with. There will always be something new to challenge yourself with and keep your interest.

Keep your finger on the pulse

While you cover the politics of the past, your focus is on how history has led to present-day attitudes and policy decisions. Staying current with contemporary issues and paying attention to the world around you is key to success in this field. If watching the news is how you unwind, or the political debates at family gatherings fill you with joy instead of dread, then politics is the course for you.

By Steph Gardner.