Introducing the LTExChange and upcoming Symposia Events


The LTExChange initiative provides the means to optimise and grow learning and teaching enhancement opportunities for university staff in the form of a new SLAR-hosted LTExChange Network and associated Symposia event series.

The LTExChange Network and Symposia activities comprise a series of thematically organised symposium events delivered quarterly to offer staff an accessible interactive forum and space to share and disseminate practice innovations in learning and teaching and student support.


The LTExChange Network – what is the purpose of the network?

Intended primarily as an online community of practice, the new LTExChange Network will bring together education and service-based practitioners working across the University to inform, support, and share learning and teaching practice innovations and initiatives.

The Network is staff-focused, providing and supporting relevant and worthwhile opportunities for academic and professional service staff to share and discuss learning and teaching practices, projects, and initiatives, as well as the chance to co-host and co-facilitate LTExChange symposia.

LTExChange Symposium Series – what’s involved?

The LTExChange Symposium Series will offer staff an interactive forum and space to encourage the sharing and dissemination of new ways of thinking about key teaching and learning challenges and new approaches.

The symposia series is itself open to all Teesside staff.  Each event will feature a framing keynote/invited presentation from a leading practitioner in each thematic area.  Colleagues wishing to contribute to a symposium event will be invited to submit an abstract on their work. Successful contributors will deliver a short-form stimulus presentation on the day and a written case study account to support the sharing and recognition of their work.

The LTExChange symposium series seeks to maximise the benefits of face-to-face interactive sessions and engaging online, participatory, activities coupled with open space dialogue to discuss and reflect on ideas and further develop the wider TU LTExChange Network. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and learn from cutting-edge initiatives in key pedagogic areas and discuss priority issues and challenges for future work.

Why Get Involved?

The LTExChange symposium events series aims to provide TU colleagues with an accessible, open, and supportive environment for peer networking and sharing innovative learning and teaching practice and initiatives. It also provides a platform for staff to develop and showcase their work for wider (external) dissemination and publication. This might include progressing work to be presented at the TU annual Future Facing Learning Conference on 30th June 2022 ‘The Education Revolution’, and/or disseminating work through linked conference opportunities such as the annual North-East Three Rivers Conference.

When will LTExChange Symposia Events be taking place?

2023-24 LTExChange Symposia Series

LTExChange Symposium 1: Wednesday November 29th – “Entangled Pedagogy – collective, responsive and ethical practice” – Dr. Tim Fawns (Monash University).

LTExChange Symposium 2: Wednesday February 28th – “Connected Communities – Learner Relationships in Global Higher Education” – Professor Monika Foster (Northumbria University).

LTExChange Symposium 3: April 24th – “The Connected Student – The Value of Student-Staff Partnership Work in Preparing for a Globally Connected World” – Professor Alison Cook-Sather (Bryn Mawr College, US).

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