Our partners – XMA – will be on campus one day per week (split over Wednesday/Thursday) during Semester 1 to provide support to our students.  A calendar of events can be seen on the right side of this page (click “Show All” to view all available events and corresponding information).

As well as a presence on the IT Service Desk, the support available for students includes the following:


Welcome Week – 17th – 21st September

ITACS and XMA will be offering Student Inductions: “Digital Welcome Part 1” and “Digital Welcome Part 2”

The Digital Welcome sessions will include information on the Future Facing Learning Toolkit and the Teesside Advance Scheme.


Drop-In Sessions

Regular ‘drop-in’ sessions will be available for students to seek assistance or advice with anything they wish.


Timetabled Sessions

Throughout Semester 1 sessions themed around particular aspects of the Toolkit will be available for students.  The sessions will include:

Session Title Description
iPad Essentials An introduction for students new to using the Apple iPad. We will explore the built-in features and look at how they can be used for learning. Also, we will introduce the Microsoft Office tools on the iPad.
Note writing to capture vital information How can we capture your lectures and tutorials? Using Microsoft OneNote, you can write notes using drawing or typing. The information can be organised quickly and you can collaborate with your colleagues.
Making effective presentations What makes an effective presentation? How can you include those elements in your presentations? Using Microsoft PowerPoint, we will look at creating presentations.
Getting your point across using digital storytelling Stories are great ways to get your point across to an audience. A new tool for telling digital stories is Microsoft Sway. We will combine images and text to share your story.
Survey tools for feedback and research How can you gather feedback on an issue? How can you get meaningful data for your research? We will look at two tools, Socrative and Microsoft Forms, to see how the information can be collected.
Collaborating together using Teams The hub of the Learners’ Toolkit is Microsoft Teams. We will look at its features and how it facilitates discussions, sharing of files and feedback.
Small changes make a BIG difference – accessibility for all learners There are many tools and features of the iPad that can help us in our daily lives. We will look at the built-in tools and Microsoft Learning Tools. We see how they can enable our use of technology to be more effective.