Digital Development Programme

The Future Facing Learning sessions are currently delivered in two phases, to view the available dates for each phase choose from the options below. Once you’ve found a suitable date choose ‘Find out more’ and then ‘Book here’ next to the session

Sandpit Events

Participants who have completed a full programme are required to attend a ‘Sandpit’ event.  The event provides the opportunity to share practice and ideas across multi-disciplinary teams and also to find out about additional features or tools not covered as part of the core training programme.  All Sandpit Events for Phase 1 staff have now finished.  If you were part of Phase 1 and have not yet attended a Sandpit Event please contact LTE for assistance.  Staff taking part in Phase 2 should note that their Sandpit date is linked to the programme that you sign up to.


Our Masterclasses are designed to lead on from the Digital Development Programme, allowing you to choose a smaller number of applications from the Toolkit to explore in more detail.

Find our available Masterclasses by clicking on the title below. From there, click on the appropriate session and book via a link at the bottom the the session’s page.

  • Microsoft Teams
    • This masterclass will discuss how to set up Teams for collaborative work amongst students and peers. The best practices for adding users to Teams are also explained. The workshop will give opportunities for an in-depth exploration of the Teams core features and additional plugins.
  • Microsoft Core Apps and OneDrive
    • This masterclass will look at collaborative working with the core Microsoft Office apps PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Office Lens.  The sharing and storage of files through Teams and OneDrive is explored.  
  • Microsoft OneNote
    • In this masterclass we will look at Microsoft OneNote a space accessed through Teams for the collaborative development of resources.  This hands on session will look at the key features of OneNote for supporting learning activities.   
  • Microsoft Forms
    • This masterclass will offer an in-depth look at Microsoft Forms for creating quizzes and surveys.  We will explore the options for enhancing forms with feedback, points and branching of questions. 
  • Microsoft Sway
    • In this masterclass you will explore Sway online and see key features for creating engaging presentations.  We will demonstrate how you can easily add  media resources and search for creative commons content.  The embedding of content from Word, Excel and Forms is also discussed.   
  • Padlet
    • Padlet is a versatile tool for creating interactive online walls.  This master class will explore the full features of Padlet including the different types of walls of layouts available.  We will look at appropriate ways of managing walls through the various settings available.  The context for using Padlet in different learning settings is discussed.    
  • Socrative
    • Socrative is an online quizzing tool.  This masterclass will take you through all the features of Socrative and provide you with the opportunity to create and share quizzes.  We will also  look at ways of managing your Socrative quizzes and results.    
  • Panopto (ReView)
    • This masterclass will explore and compare the features and uses of the Panopto app for desktop and iOS.  The hands on session will look at Apple’s new native screen recording tool and demonstrate ways to embed and share the recordings in Blackboard.

Coaching Blocks

LTE, working with Dr Steve Bunce (Apple Professional Learning Specialist) from our partners XMA, are offering colleagues the opportunity to sign up to a short-term block of ‘coaching’ to help you plan, implement and evaluate your use of the Future Facing Learning (FFL) toolkit applications.  The intention is our Digital Learning Developers support you with a specific activity you wish to conduct with your students.  If you’ve already got an activity in mind – great.  If not, we can help you decide upon one.

The coaching will be a series of three one-hour meetings:

  • Meeting 1.  Initial session to identify the idea and produce an action plan. for the academic to follow in order to prepare (setting things up, finding resources, writing MCQ’s, identifying kit, etc.).
  • Meeting 2.  Second session to finalise the idea and conduct a test run if appropriate.
    Academic puts idea into practice (either undertakes the activity during a class or, if it’s a ‘virtual’ activity, over the period of time agreed during initial meeting).
  • Meeting 3.  Following the activity a third session will reflect on how things went and identify areas for improvement.  We may produce a ‘case study’ and share this through LTE online.

To sign up for a block, please complete this short form (sign in using University account details required).

If you have any questions about the coaching offer please email