LTE have a bank of iPad devices that staff can loan out to use with students on a short term basis.

The devices are the same as the ones given to staff and students as part of the Future Facing Learning programme and come pre-installed with the toolkit apps. We can also load content or other applications on to the devices ready for your session.

There are 21 devices which can be used as part of a session you’re teaching, but as we only hold a small number of them the maximum loan length is 1 day. The devices are a shared resource so there may be occasions where we have to limit the number of bookings so that access to them is fair.

All that we ask is that you supply a description of the learning activity that you’re planning and how you’ll judge/reflect upon the success of the session.

The devices are available on a first come, first served basis and can be booked by emailing the details below to

  • Number of devices you require (maximum 21)
  • Date and time you would like to pick up and drop off the devices (maximum duration of 1 day)
  • Description of the learning activity
  • How will you judge/reflect upon the success of the activity?

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