I’ve done this before, and I don’t see any reason why not to model good practice again. Jason Rhode has blogged the video below, and I can’t really phrase it any better. Although it is all really common sense, it’s just too easy to forget the distance when you’re used to just throwing things up on Blackboard but still seeing students every week. So here’s a great reminder, clearly set out. And a good summary of the points covered.

Lawrence C. Ragan, Director of Faculty Development for Penn State’s World Campus, discusses their online instructor performance expectations. In this short video clip he shares the following general guidelines for PSU’s online faculty for teaching an online course:

  1. Show up and teach
  2. Monitor the learning experience for the students
  3. Develop regular patterns of communications
  4. Communicate to the learners if there are changes or adjustments to the activities or flow of the course
  5. Respond to learner inquiries within 24 hours (12 hours if possible)
  6. Be very concise and clear in feedback
  7. Submit assignment and exam grades promptly (24-48 hours for assignments)
  8. Communicate to learners when they can expect feedback from you
  9. Use communication tools from within the learning management system
  10. Ensure a quality learning experience by correcting errors in course materials as soon as possible
  11. Have a good relationship with your institutional support services
  12. Have ready and reliable access to your online course
Expectations for online teaching
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