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Like completing a degree, embracing sustainability is more than just a choice – it’s a commitment. Here at Teesside, we understand that the journey to being a sustainable student may be confusing, so here are six simple ways you can embrace sustainability throughout your studies and beyond.

  1. Conscious commuting

Choose a method of transportation that minimises environmental impact – whether that’s opting to walk, cycle, use public transport or even carpool with friends to campus. Teesside offers free secure cycle parking facilities, find out more and apply for one here.

  1. Digital notetaking

To reduce paper waste, you could start taking your notes digitally. Better for the environment, more convenient and secure, as you can password-protect documents and have less risk of losing your work.

  1. Recycling right

All around campus triple compartment recycling bins mean you can segment your rubbish into different waste types. Colour-coded lids and labels remind you what each section is for.

  1. Embrace reusables

We all know single-use plastics are extremely harmful to the environment, so let’s embrace reusables. As part of our initiative towards a greener and more sustainable campus, we have invested in 19 water dispensers on campus, making it easier for you to reuse your water bottles. If you are starting here in 2023 and living in on-campus accommodation, we have gifted you a reusable water bottle in your welcome back. The QR code on the water bottle’s sleeve shows you where your nearest free water dispenser is. View the map here. Your reusable water bottle is better for the environment; and your pocket.

  1. Thrifting

Shopping second-hand is an amazing alternative to fast fashion – and it’s now just as easy as ordering from any online store thanks to apps like Vinted, eBay, Depop and Facebook Marketplace. You can also sell your own unwanted goods on these sites, which prevents your waste from ending up in landfills, and gives you some extra cash.

  1. Water and energy usage

Be smart with your water and energy usage. Reduce your shower time to four minutes a day and turn the tap off while brushing your teeth. Turning off your monitor, switching off lights and appliances, and turning down your thermostat when not in use are simple steps to reduce your energy usage.

By Eve