1. What drew you to graphic design?
I’ve always been creative since I can remember. I can remember losing hours on ‘paint’ making posters etc. when I was young (#throwback!) and creating menus for whatever my mam was making for tea! I then went on to study Fashion at college and then Fashion Design & Marketing at university. However, my passion was always in the graphics side of things rather than the production of garments. I love the endless possibilities that graphic design offers and the feeling you get when you finally know a certain design is the ‘ONE’.

2. What has been a favourite project to work on?
I’m a Graphic Designer at Teesside University and have been involved in some major projects. A few years ago, I created the branding for Student Life which was really exciting – I learnt so much. This led me to be handed similar projects such as The Buttery. I’m currently developing the internal branding for BIOS, some artwork for the walls at our London campus as well as the new catering outlets (which I love as food is another passion of mine!).

3. What do you do outside of work?
Outside of work my ‘side hustle’ is @Foureyesdesign (my little branding biz). I love working with local businesses. I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite – but it’s amazing to walk down the high street in Guisborough and see some of the branding I’ve created on display. From Maple & Dough, Ruffled Flowers, Sunday and the new Love All Things Quirky, I’m delighted to have played a part in bringing their vision to life. I feel so proud, not only of myself, but of these incredible, local people following their passions and just going for it!

4. What does a graphic designer do day-to-day?
Every day is so different, but each starts with a strong brew! I then usually have a look through my emails for anything needed quickly, this is usually social media artwork or amends to jobs from the previous day. Our work is so varied, it could be anything from an image change in a magazine, some messaging to change on a billboard or an update to one of our internal screens. Time for another cup of tea. I then move onto the more ‘longer term’ projects, right now it’s the branding for catering outlets as well as internal artwork for BIOS and TU London. I usually then ask my favourite question of the day ‘what’s everyone having for tea?!’. I love my job because of the variety of work I do as a Graphic Designer, it keeps me on my toes!

5. What advice would you give to someone wanting to study graphic design?
Do some research. Go to open days and have a look around a few universities and their facilities. Speak to other Graphic Designers and ask them about their job. Work on your software and freelancing skills early and start building up a portfolio when you can.

By Lauren Woods.