So, you’re thinking of studying something creative but don’t know where to start? Have you considered graphic design? If not, why not? Graphic designers don’t just make pretty posters they shape the way we see the world, communicating key information in a way that catches our eye without making it feel like work. Look at the room around you now, it’s quite likely that everything in there was worked on at some point by a graphic designer.

On my desk right now are snacks, with fancy graphic-designed wrappers, a thank you card, beautifully designed and put together, and my water bottle with its sleek design. I could go on but even the laptop I’m working on right now has branding that would have seen a graphic designer working on it at some point.

What can you do with a degree in graphic design? Teesside offers a broad experience providing you with the opportunity to explore and develop your individual creative skills allowing them to be agile and adaptable for an ever-changing workplace. Our alumni work all around the world working for design agencies, as freelancers or have even started their own businesses. Our alumni freelancers make their voices heard around the design world or for existing companies helping them build a brand and sell their products.

A key part of our course is the ongoing commitment to creating award-winning students with ongoing successes in various awards. Recent years have seen students thrive in the Creative Conscience Awards with entries focusing on changing the world around us. Other students achieved great things with the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) with multiple entries focusing on important issues such as gender equality and the importance of Braille as a form of communication. Another student, Keavey Gamwell, came third place at the prestigious Adobe World Championships in California with her project focusing on the importance of maintaining healthy corals. This was the highest place a student from the UK has ever ranked.

When it comes to careers in graphic design the world is your oyster and if anyone questions that just ask them to take a minute and look around at the branding, advertising, typography, packaging, user interfaces, motion, publications and more that surround us every day. Graphic design is everywhere, and in a digital world, it’s only going to become more and more obvious.

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By Oli.