Applying for university can be a stressful time and, when you’re looking to enter through Clearing, it can really feel like you’re against the clock. Here are my top five tips to help keep a level head.

  1. Be prepared

Preparation is key when it comes to Clearing and you can help alleviate a lot of the stress that will naturally come with Clearing if you go in knowing exactly what it is that you need. Key things to have to hand include your exam results, Clearing number, personal statement, all your key contact details and a pen and paper to jot down any important information if you’re speaking with a university on their Clearing hotline.

  1. Be you

If you’re speaking to a university on their hotline, they’re interested in you and why you want to join them. Be confident and you’ll be able to answer any questions they ask you. Speak clearly and calmly about your ambitions, and why you want to study – don’t let stress take over and rush. Also, don’t be afraid to show off any achievements or relevant knowledge for your subject area. You’ve worked hard to get this far so show them why they should choose you.

  1. Stay off social media

Clearing can be a stressful time for a lot of people going down this route and staying off social media on results day can be an easy step to keep away any additional stress. Seeing everyone else’s posts about results could make you feel worse so focus on yourself and remember you’re not alone.

  1. Ask for help

It can really help to get support from those around you during stressful times – it helps take pressure off. Something as simple as asking your parents or carers to help look at universities you can enquire with whilst you get in contact with them can help keep extra work off yourself. Maybe even ask for someone to make you lunch to keep you full of energy whilst you’re speaking with universities.

  1. Get some sleep

Sleep is great for stress relief, so make sure you get plenty of it the night before results day. You may have a busy day ahead of you if you’re going through Clearing so being well rested will help prepare and keep your spirits high.

I hope these tips help and wish you the absolute best of luck through Clearing, you’ve got this!

By Tom Hoyle