If you haven’t applied to university yet, don’t worry – there’s still time to secure a place. You might still feel unsure, but here are some top reasons why uni might be for you.

  1. Better career opportunities and higher salaries

If you want to boost your career opportunities and earn a higher salary, a university degree can help you do just that. Studies show that graduates have a higher chance of securing their dream job than those without a degree. And as the job market becomes more competitive, this can set you aside from other candidates.

  1. Study a subject you’re passionate about

There are so many subjects you can study at university, so don’t settle for something you’re not passionate about. Give yourself the opportunity to explore a field you feel strongly about in more depth.

  1. Meet new people

University isn’t just about studying – it’s about the people you meet. You might make new friends on your course, through joining a society, in your accommodation, or through networking and social events. And these people can often become your friends for life.

  1. Grow your professional network

Many universities offer opportunities for students such as conferences, placement years, guest lectures and seminars where you can meet industry experts and alumni to help grow your professional network. These can all help in securing a job when you graduate.

  1. Personal growth

There’s no better place to get life experience, whether you are living at home or moving away for university. You become more independent, build on your time management and leadership skills, and develop a new perspective.

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By Niamh Cooney