How do you prepare for the new academic year?

It can be hard to prepare for a new academic year – especially if it’s somewhere new. One of the ways I prepare is by going over my notes from the year before, just to remind myself of the main theories and principles of my subject.

How do you settle in at the start of term?

Settling in at the start of term can be daunting, but there are plenty of events during fresher’s week that allow you to have fun and make friends. There are a lot of clubs and societies you can join which is a great way to make friends with people who aren’t on your course.  If these are not your thing then don’t worry because you become friends with people on your course naturally after you attend lectures and seminars together.  If you live in any of the accommodations the people you live with are basically your second family, and you are going to get along just great.

What it’s like being an accounting and finance student?

Being an accounting and finance student is highly rewarding and the course is interesting and engaging. Although it is challenging at times, the lecturers are enthusiastic and happy to help with anything that is confusing you.

You learn about areas like business management, project management, and business enterprise, and the degree gives you a qualification that is highly respected by big accounting firms like PwC and KPMG.

In addition, to help you gain further experience and feel comfortable in the work environment this degree also gives you the opportunity to do a one-year placement in industry.  This takes place after your second year, after which you come back and finish your degree.  This is just another potential avenue to explore and a brilliant opportunity to put yourself above the rest. You will stand out from the crowd and gain valuable experience before you graduate, it makes you look really attractive to employers.

What is there to do on campus?

The Teesside campus is great, there are plenty of different things you can do. I like to find quiet places to study, the third floor of the library is great for that. I love to go for a bite to eat in-between lectures, thankfully there are a bunch of great options across campus like strEAT and The Garden. If you prefer a livelier atmosphere you can go to the Students’ Union where you can get something to eat and drink after a day of studying. The Students’ Union always has a lot of great offers for students.

What’s your advice to new students?

If you are starting your first year at university, I’d suggest that you try not to worry too much about how much you know or understand straight away, everyone is going to be at the same level as you, and that is okay. As long as you have a pen and notebook on your first day, you’ll be good.

By Jamie Blott.