Check out our monthly series whereby we ask lecturers ‘5 Questions in 5 Minutes’ to help students get to know our staff and put faces to names. Our next instalment is with Femi Waters-Ajisafe, Principal Lecturer (Marketing & Recruitment). Femi is also course BA (Hons) Business Management, BA (Hons) Business with Courses and BA (Hons) Business and Courses. Read what she says is her favourite part of the job and a VERY interesting fact about Marketing that we didn’t know!

1. Why study Marketing?

Marketing has changed substantially in recent years and organisations are realising its importance and its impact on their success and strategic direction. Here at Teesside University we recognise that it’s not just academic qualifications that are important – we work closely with local, national and international businesses, potentially your future employers, so you gain experience and skills outside the classroom.

2. What got you into your field?

I studied a branding module as an undergraduate student and struck an interest in the social psychology of human behaviour. Up to that point, marketing was probably my weakest subject and yet now I’m a marketing academic and practitioner. It just goes to show that we can achieve most things we put our minds to and that success comes from following your interests and passion.

3. Favourite things about your job?

Oh this is tough, there’s so much! Coaching students in their academic and enterprise progression; the accomplishment on students’ faces when they surpass their expectations… and graduation. I get flashbacks to the students’ first day looking anxious, anticipating what the next three years hold for them – to seeing them cross the stage at graduation with confidence to embark on a successful career. It’s a real highlight!

4. Favourite hobby outside of work?

Boxing (just for fitness) and walking my Pomeranian dogs – Ollie and Poppy.

5. Top fact about your field?

Japanese people traditionally eat KFC for Christmas dinner, thanks to a successful marketing campaign 40 years ago. KFC is so popular that customers must place their Christmas orders two months in advance.