Oli Welham

I came to university after massively underachieving at college due to a whole host of reasons. I’d always joked that if I did get a first-class degree then I’d go on to study at postgraduate level. The more I joked about this the more I actually started to give it serious thought. I’d surprised myself at Uni, enjoying the research and wanting to dig deeper into subjects. My professional practice had also stepped up and I wanted to follow a specialism in the film and tv industry. Here are the things I considered:

1) Location, Location, Location
Without sounding too much like Kirstie and Phil location is really important. I knew I couldn’t afford to study in London, the fees of some of the courses alone were more than the postgraduate loan I was eligible for. I narrowed it down to three commutable areas and ultimately let the course content decide for me.

2) The devil’s in the details
Every masters course is unique, even if they have the same study time. Review the course content and ensure it matches your expectations and what you want to study.

3) The specialisation touch
Chances are you’re going to be studying an MA to help further your career. For that reason, it’s important you make sure you’re studying something you enjoy that will help you into the dream job. There’s no point studying chemical engineering if you’re going to be an artist.

4) Look for funding
It’s always worth looking for funding. Many universities offer awards, bursaries and scholarships. Most universities offer an alumni discount but that doesn’t mean you can’t get better elsewhere, especially if you got a first. Here is where you can find info about Teesside’s funding.

5) Don’t rush
There is plenty of time to make your mind up but also be aware of application deadlines. Take your time. Attend postgraduate open days, set up a dialogue with an academic if you can and make sure you’re getting all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Hopefully, this has helped you plan for what comes after graduation for you. If you’d like any more information, you can chat online or even pop in and see us at an open day.

By Oli Welham.