Month: April 2023

2 minute read

Preparing your creative portfolio

Your portfolio says a lot about you. It’s a pathway of your creative journey so it’s important that it’s a true reflection of you. Here are some top tips to help make your portfolio stand out from the crowd… 1. […]

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
4 minute read

Why study in Middlesbrough?

I’m Niamh and I work and study in Middlesbrough – here are some top reasons why it’s a great place for both Things to do When I’m not at university or studying, I love exploring the local area. The campus […]

3 minute read

Keep it climate conscious at uni

Whether you’re living at home or away at university, looking for ways to be more eco-friendly is likely to be on your radar. Here are some starting points to help you stay green…. Love your vegetables If you eat meat, […]

Teesside University International Business School
3 minute read

Why study marketing?

Marketing is an exciting field that involves creating and promoting products, services or ideas to target specific audiences. I’m Tom, and I studied BA (Hon) Marketing here at Teesside University. Here are a few reasons why I think you should […]

2 minute read

My Clearing experience

Like many students, I was never sure what I wanted to do once I left sixth form, and I never thought university was the right option for me. The Covid pandemic hit in March 2020, cutting my time at sixth […]