How you can strike a healthy balance between work and uni life

There’s no argument that being a student isn’t cheap. Whether it’s keeping up with rent, buying that textbook for your next module, forking out on travel expenses, or simply enjoying the niceties in life – the costs quickly add up. That’s why many students decide to get themselves a part-time job alongside their studies. Being … Continue reading “How you can strike a healthy balance between work and uni life”

What’s on at the Students’ Union | February

We all know how important the academic side of university is, but it’s also important to make time away from your studies to step out and socialise. And where better to do that than at our Students’ Union? There’s lots happening this month, whether you’re looking for a day trip or a night out, so we’ve … Continue reading “What’s on at the Students’ Union | February”

10 surprising things you can find on campus

From a massage clinic to a police station, Teesside University certainly has a lot to offer. In fact, you might not have had chance to see everything just yet, so join us as we look at 10 surprising facilities you can find on campus…   1. Sports injury and massage clinic  |  Centuria South Fancy … Continue reading “10 surprising things you can find on campus”

From campus, to coast and countryside

Whether Teesside has always been your home, or you have moved here to study, the campus and nearby town centre will be familiar territory. If you have only recently settled in Teesside, how familiar have you become with your adopted abode –  and how far afield have you ventured from the campus? And even if … Continue reading “From campus, to coast and countryside”

5 things you can do to stop procrastinating and start studying

Procrastination is a common challenge for many students. It’s easy to put assignments off until the last minute, which in almost all cases results in frantically cramming to meet deadlines. You know the score – each time we tell ourselves, “That was stressful, I’m not doing that again”, until we find ourselves in the same … Continue reading “5 things you can do to stop procrastinating and start studying”

8 ways to cope with exams

Exams. If even the word makes you feel a little uneasy, you’re not alone. At any time of life, it’s not uncommon to feel worried or under pressure as you approach exam season. The good news is, there are a range of things you can do to help you prepare and deal with the stress … Continue reading “8 ways to cope with exams”