9 tips for spring cleaning a student kitchen

No matter how you frame it or how many times you do it, it’s difficult to motivate yourself to do housework – nevertheless, it needs to be done. And research shows a good spring clean can actually leave you feeling calmer, happier and more focused. It’s all about a tidy space and a tidy mind. … Continue reading “9 tips for spring cleaning a student kitchen”

Your guide to applying for a scholarship

The first time I came across the word ‘scholarship’, it was when the protagonist in an American teen movie received one, which meant they could finally study at the college they’d dreamed of since they were little. So, it’s easy to think of them as things that exist in a fictional world. But they’re actually … Continue reading “Your guide to applying for a scholarship”

Top tips for studying during Ramadan

Ramadan takes place on the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and is one of the holiest months of the year for Muslims. It’s a time for spiritual reflection, worship and fasting from sunrise to sunset. This year Ramadan is expected to begin on Sunday 10 March, depending on the sighting of the moon, and … Continue reading “Top tips for studying during Ramadan”

The Open Book Club

World Book Day is just around the corner, and Talking Teesside has teamed up with Robyn and Amy from The Open Book Club to share a few  of their recent literary favourites. The Open Book Club founders also share more about their increasingly popular  series of monthly book club reading meet-ups and social events. We’re … Continue reading “The Open Book Club”

5 successful businesses you didn’t know got a head start at Teesside University

Enrol > study > graduate > get a job. It’s the traditional route that a lot of us imagine when we think of beginning our careers after university. But, it’s not the only path. Some students and graduates want to go their own way and set up a business for themselves. And, at Teesside University, … Continue reading “5 successful businesses you didn’t know got a head start at Teesside University”

Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a student budget

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, we can put pressure on ourselves to show how much someone means to us with extravagant gestures. But the truth is, romance doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s just a few ideas for a fun and memorable date night that won’t leave you feeling anxious to check your bank … Continue reading “Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a student budget”

9 tasty mocktail recipes to enjoy anytime

Why should boozy cocktails have all the fun? With non-alcoholic fizz, beer, cider and even spirits available in bars and on supermarket shelves everywhere, there’s never been a greater choice.   Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a chilled night with family or friends, it’s always a good idea to serve up a refreshing … Continue reading “9 tasty mocktail recipes to enjoy anytime”